National Advisors Named to The Wealth Advisor America’s Most Advisor-Friendly Trust Companies 2019

KANSAS CITY, MO, February 25, 2018 – National Advisors Trust Company, an independent national trust company providing expert services and solutions to trusted advisors and the families they serve, announces that it has been named to The Wealth Advisor’s 2019 America’s Most Advisor-Friendly Trust Companies. The 8th edition of the annual report ranks National Advisors Trust 5th out of 23 companies in total assets under administration.

The annual report is a compulsory read for financial advisors seeking to expand their knowledge of the trust landscape and fuel growth by offering trust solutions. In this year’s report, The Wealth Advisor surveyed 500 financial advisors and asked, “What makes a trust company friendly?” The results revealed the most critical factor was assurance that accounts won’t be taken (85 percent), closely followed by reputation and length of time in business (80 percent).

The Wealth Advisor Editor-in-Chief Scott Martin writes, “The companies we talked to in compiling this year’s guide had a great year. Some saw their AUA surge anywhere from 10 percent to 25 percent, and nationally chartered National Advisors Trust booked more accounts in the first quarter than it did in the entirety of 2014.”

“We’re honored to be recognized once again in this leading publication. Being advisor-friendly isn’t a tag line for National Advisors; it’s the core reason we chartered the firm almost two decades ago. That commitment has never wavered,” said National Advisors Trust Company CEO Jim Combs. “We look forward to another banner year of helping trusted advisors grow their business, achieve their clients’ goals, and retain next-generation wealth transfers with our directed trust solutions.”

More Excerpts from the Report:

  • “Trust services create the kind of deeper, value-added relationship that provides the long-term structure that keeps clients from drifting away. Assets held in trust can remain in place in perpetuity, accumulating wealth across multiple generations of clients and keeping the fees flowing for decades.”
  • “A full 82% of our readers say finding a trust company they can recommend to their best clients has translated into new relationships, enhanced account retention or both. That’s it. It’s a pure business decision and the numbers speak for themselves.”
  • “Over the next 30-35 years, [Baby Boomers’] heirs are on track to inherit roughly $3 billion a day or over $1 trillion annually. And as those assets transfer, the kids are rarely prepared to handle the responsibilities.”

Click here to read more about National Advisors from the report. To read the full report, click here. For more information on National Advisor Trust Company’s advisor-friendly trust and custody solutions, contact us at 877-527-3476 or email

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