Our AdvisorsCustody platform provides you with an omnibus custody account structure, for enhanced privacy and security along with the cost advantages of block trading.

National Advisors supports trusted advisors and their clients with independent, objective custodial solutions through our AdvisorsCustody platform. We support a wide range of account types, including individual and joint accounts, community property, Uniform Gifts to Minor Act (UGMA) and Transfer on Death (TOD) accounts, institutional accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), as well as all asset types, including Unique and Hard-to-Value assets.

Services offered under AdvisorsCustody include:

  • Safeguard of securities
  • Maintain detailed record keeping and distribute periodic statements of account activity
  • Annual tax information, including statement of income classified for tax purposes, and a schedule of gains and losses
  • Automatic investment of available cash in an FDIC-insured cash sweep vehicle
  • Corporate Action Processing
  • Attendance to all details required for the settlement of purchases or sales of securities, as directed
  • Collection and distribution of income
  • Physical and electronic document safekeeping
  • Superior client service with a knowledgeable, dedicated service team
  • 24/7 online account access

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