Our Consulting Services break down into two categories:

Bank Transformation: Our solution for banks currently offering trust services but tired of hemorrhaging money and draining human resources.

De Novo: Latin for ‘starting from the beginning,’ this solution is for banks without trust, custody and wealth management products who want a solution for their clients without committing capital and human resources.

Bank Transformation

By taking advantage of our Bank Transformation service, National Advisors is effectively taking the back-office burden off your shoulders and putting it onto our own. This not only reduces the time and resources required to operate these initiatives in-house, it allows you to focus on recruiting, business development and client-facing talent.

It’s so effective, in fact, that it can help your bank shift core responsibilities so that they are 80% client-facing. With Bank Transformation, National Advisors can completely fulfill business administration tasks like custody and clearing, administration, and operations, while also providing high levels of support with compliance, vendor management, training and more. This lets you focus on business governance and client engagement.

With Bank Transformation, trust, custody and wealth management products are private labeled by your bank through our Brand Advantage program, so you can readily market them to your customers.

Most importantly, with Bank Transformation, you can decide for yourself which charters you wish to retain, if any, and how much capital is required internally from a legal and regulatory standpoint. Any charters to turn over to National Advisors instantly free those capital reserves so you can pursue other business and growth initiatives.

In this model, the fiduciary trustee responsibilities are divided between investment management and trust administration. Again, the bank retains the client relationship. We complement it.

  • Bank Roles:   Client acquisition; client management; advice; portfolio management; UA servicing; account opening; performance reporting; Reg 9 investment review.
  • NA Roles: Investment processing; statement production and delivery; business integration services; tax reporting; UA custody; investment management fee processing.
  • NA/NATSD Roles: Private label (Brand Advantage); P& I accounting; account administration and maintenance; distribution remittance; trustee fee processing; fiduciary tax preparation.
  • Technology Platform: Infrastructure and integration.

The typical transformation process takes between 6-12 months, depending on the complexity of the situation and final arrangement.

De Novo

The simple fact is this; if you aren’t talking to your clients about comprehensive wealth management, someone else is. And that can threaten your banking relationships.

So, you’re faced with a dilemma. Do you build your own internal trust company and incur all the additional costs associated? Or do you acquire an existing trust company, and inherit ancillary products and features you don’t want or need?

Fortunately, there’s a third option. National Advisors has developed this custom-tailored solution designed to keep the client relationship where it belongs – with you – while allowing you to offer your customers trust, custody and investment management products. At the same time, National Advisors runs the day-to-day operations of these accounts, freeing your bank’s capital and employee resources.

With our De Novo product, your bank can expand its product offering, remain competitive, diversify revenue away from net income, and enable targeted client segmentation through trust services.

In addition, our Brand Advantage program lets you create your own brand while you focus on relationship management instead of the operational, compliance and administrative burdens of operating a trust department. Leave that to us, and remain your clients’ true trusted advisor.

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