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As one of the largest independent trust companies in the United States, it’s easy to say we are experts in trust and custodial services.

Easy. But only partially correct.

In fact, we’re in the relationship business. We just happen to get there via a pathway of expert trust and custodial services.

Specifically, we are in the relationship business with trusted financial advisors, wealth managers and estate planners across America, serving them by way of personalized trustee solutions that, in turn, allow them to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with their clients.

And those relationships – the ones where clients depend on their financial advisor when navigating today’s life challenges and preparing for the uncertainty of tomorrow – are the ones that matter most.

At least they are to us.


Partnering with Trusted Advisors

You’ve worked hard to develop meaningful relationships with your clients. Our first question to you: What can we do to make those relationships stronger, deeper and more sustainable?

You see, we understand fully that our purpose is to complement your business, never to compete with it. It’s a partnership, to be sure. But it’s a partnership built around your business and your clients.

Why National Advisors?

To begin, our focus is on you, your business, and growing our relationship with you.

Secondly, our experience as a company built by advisors for advisors lets you rest assured that we have extensive knowledge of and experience in trust. And also, that we fully understand how to best leverage trust and custodial services into your business.

Of course, there are many other reasons for choosing National Advisors. Like our corporate directed trustee model, that provides flexibility and choice. Or our commitment to OCC regulations and FDIC membership, that speak to the highest security standards and government oversight.

But, when it comes right down to it, we want to work with trusted advisors who understand and appreciate the true value of collaboration. Because partnership is at the core of our business.

Why Trust Services?

Someone is going to start the conversation about trust services with your client. We believe it should be you. Because we believe we can help you navigate the trust landscape and help your clients embrace the value and seize the benefits of trusts.

  • By 2048, up to $100 trillion will be handed down via trusts.
  • Over 80% of advisors point to a trust partner they can recommend to their clients as a key to client retention.
  • Clients with $1 million or more in assets typically make trusts part of estate plans.

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