With the private label option, advisors market trust services under their brand. Marketing branded trust services strengthens a wealth manageemnt firm’s brand, increases awareness, and helps establish differentiation from other firms and advisors in the marketplace. Without being able to market trust services under their brand, advisors lose the opportunity to link trust services to their brand, and may be unable to retain client assets during generational wealth transfers. With branded trust services, advisors own and maintain close multigenerational relationships with clients.With private label trust services, advisors can focus on their clients and investment management, while NATC works in the background to perform all fiduciary administrative functions, manage all regulatory matters, and assume fiduciary administration risk.

Materials and client communications are labeled with the firms’ brand. Importantly, the documents creating the fiduciary relationship carry the private label brand name.NATC provides firms with two monthly newsletters, targeting clients and Centers of in influence (COI). NATC’s professionals are also available to help firms develop and implement effective and creative marketing strategies in support of business goals.