Let National Advisors help you improve operating efficiency and profitability.

If you’re looking for captive insurance companies or escrows that seek to improve their operating efficiency and profitability, National Advisors offers an enhanced custody platform with integrated reporting and trading capabilities.

Captive insurance and escrow custody fall under the umbrella of Restricted Custody, with National Advisors providing safekeeping of assets and distributing assets upon receipt of authorized disbursement requests. Our advisors retain full investment discretion and make investment decisions based on applicable restrictions set forth by the Authorization Holder (Captive Manager or Escrow Agent).

National Advisors will serve as custodian for escrow accounts, but will not serve as the Escrow Agent.

Services offered under Restricted Custody include:

  • Safeguarding of marketable securities
  • Maintenance of detailed recordkeeping and distribution of periodic statements of account activity
  • Annual tax letter, including statement of income classified for tax purposes, and a schedule of gains and losses
  • Automatic investment of available cash in an FDIC insured cash sweep vehicle
  • Corporate Action processing
  • Attendance to all details required for the settlement of purchases or sales of securities, as directed
  • Collection and distribution of income
  • Physical and electronic document safekeeping
  • Superior client service with a knowledgeable, responsive service team
  • 24/7 online account access 

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