Wealth Management Platform Update

Dear Valued Client,

We get it, sometimes you feel like the best part of the upcoming launch of our new wealth management platform is that it means you won’t be receiving these weekly emails! While we do understand they may be a bit annoying at times, please know that they’re very important and it’s our way of making sure everything is checked and double-checked so that the launch works best for you.

To that end, here are some important notes and reminders:

  • Trading moratorium – all trades need to be settled by 9/29, trading will resume on 10/4
  • Please make sure all cash needed for quarter-end activities (fees, disbursements, etc….) is raised by September 26th
  • Trading actions and new trade delivery instructions are located on the conversion website at www.nationaldadvisors.com/new-platform.
  • Many of you who are getting your systems ready for trading have asked for the new Fidelity Capital Markets account number. That account number is 700070930
  • The new account numbers with a cross reference to the existing account number are now available. You will be able to find the file in AdvisorDesk > Account Services > Documents > Misc > Firm#_Conversion_XREF. A sample client letter you can utilize to notify your clients is found on our conversion website, if you choose. To maintain the relationship with you and your firm National Advisors Trust, will not be notifying your clients.
  • Reminder that we are currently in a new account opening and account closing moratorium. You can still submit applications and closing request for asset services account and trust accounts; however they will not be opened/closed until after 10/1.
  • We are in an asset transfer moratorium, if you submit an asset transfer request, we will not process them until 10/1 with the updated funding
    instructions. We are working aggressively to fund all outstanding requests.
  • If your firm has the Federated fund as a cash management vehicle, on 9/29 the position will be liquidated and placed into the Cash Liquidity (CLP) sweep program on 9/29.
  • September 14 – October 3 we have a moratorium on Weblink set up to prepare for the conversion. After October 3, we will resume establishing new users on Weblink.
  • Lastly, as we prepare to move assets to Reliance Trust Company the weekend of 10/1, there will be no repapering necessary. The various regulated entities are familiar with the conversion process and understand the bulk transfer process.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Thank you! Thank you for your time, patience, trust and understanding. We’re looking forward to providing you with an even better experience with the launch of this new platform and truly believe you’ll see its value from day one.

National Advisors Trust