Here’s what you can expect from a better National Advisors Trust

We admit that in trying to improve ourselves we got a little caught up in listening only to ourselves. Maybe more than a little, to be honest.

Then we realized that the only way to truly make working with National Advisors Trust a better experience for our clients was to talk to them. We had to find out where we were succeeding, and, yes, where we were failing. More than that, we had to make changes. Some minor, some major. But all with the same goal: No more business as usual.

We are extremely proud of our historical track record of success working alongside our clients to continuously improve our processes, service levels, and overall client experience. We implemented a series of incremental service improvements and completed several significant IT infrastructure upgrades during the pandemic. We followed those accomplishments with personnel changes that included the hiring of new management and staff to improve communications and service levels. These achievements were important readiness milestones leading up to our wealth management platform conversion in 2022. The enhanced platform will provide a new operating model and set of technologies that transform the way we deliver our products and services today.

We will be converting to the new and improved wealth management platform on October 1, 2022. Things will be different. And things will be better. For you, and for your clients.
For instance:

  • A Services Guide to simplify and demystify how to get things done and set clear
    expectations for service delivery standards.
  • Streamlined, digitized processes for more timely and accurate processing.
  • Improved responsiveness, communication, and resolution to client inquiries using
    case management tools.

To keep you fully informed, we’ll be sending frequent communications from us as we integrate you into the change process. In the weeks ahead, look for more detailed information about the following:

  • The features and benefits of the new platform
  • What is changing for you and your clients
  • Key conversion milestone dates and deliverables
  • Key dates requiring your participation in data validation, testing, training, and client communications

We’re getting better because you deserve our very best. 

Getting better is a process. And one to which we are committed. To that end, this is the
first of many communications from National Advisors Trust to keep you updated as we continue to do our very best to be of most value to you.

We’re not done listening. Or acting. So, we invite you to contact us at any time if you
have suggestions or any issues you’d like us to address.

As always, we thank you for your business and the opportunity to serve you.

Feel free to contact your National Advisors Trust Service Team at 877-527-3476 with any questions.