Important Information

Dear Valued Client,

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it hundreds of times: “What do I need to know about working with National Advisors Trust and the new wealth management platform?”

So, rather than merely send you an email detailing how our changes and improvements will affect the way you do business with National Advisors, we’re setting up a series of informative (and, we hope, entertaining) webinars designed to set you up to best use the new platform and how to work best with us today.

Our W.I.N.K, or ‘What I Need to Know’, are virtual educational sessions, where we will provide information and education on the new platform. This includes how things are changing, how you can get done the things you need to with us and demystify many of the questions you have about the platform change.

Most W.I.N.K sessions will be conducted Tuesdays and Thursdays in July. The first set of dates and topics are below, and our first session is Tuesday July 12th. To register, simply click on the link for the respective session. All sessions will be recorded and accessible on our conversion website: Wealth Management Platform Conversion Website

W.I.N.K topics include:

Tuesday July 12 3:00pm Central 

Overview of the Wealth Management Platform conversion 

Tuesday July 12: 3:30pm Central

The who and how to communicate with National Advisors Trust 

Thursday July 14: 3:00pm Central

What will be different in a bank custody model versus a broker dealer model

Thursday July 14 3:30pm Central

Transfer of Assets: Key components to keep in mind 

Additional sessions will be added and communicated in the future.

As always, we appreciate you taking the time to read this email, just as we appreciate you working with us as we continue to make progress towards the launch of our new Wealth Management Platform.

National Advisors Trust

Feel free to contact your National Advisors Trust Service Team at 877-527-3476 with any questions.